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About Chios Masticulture, the ecotourism travel agency specializing in ecotourism activities in Chios GreeceTravel services, ecoutourism, agritourism, hotel and traditional rooms accommodation, mastic tours, on the Aegean Island of Chios in Greece.About the island of Chios, the land of Chios natural mastic in the Aegean Sea, Greece.Ecotourism tours and activities on Chios Island GreeceContact the ecotourism travel bureau of Chios in the Mastic Village of Mesta Chios Greece.The medieval watchtower and beach of Trachili on the west coastline of Chios island.

Half-day Sea Kayak Tour on Chios Island

Depending on the wind direction we start our tours from a different launch location. The typical itineraries we may follow are the following:

Option A.
Pelagonisi and Agios Stefanos Island (West Coast)

East coast of Chios, between the fishing port of Lithi and the fishing port of Mesta lies the island complex of Agios Stefanos. Depending on wind direction and force the trip may start from either the beach of Lithi, or Agia Eirini or Kalolimeni.

Option B.
Kato Fana - Trachilia - Agia Dynami (South West Coast)

Wild rock formations, turquoise-colored waters medieval watchtowers, secluded beaches and remote fishing ports.

Option C.
Komi - Emporeios - Mavra Volia Volcanic Beach (South Coast)

Main highlights of this tour include the volcanic beach of Mavra Volia, a cave and several secret coves unreachable by land, unnoticeable from the sea.

Option D.
Tholos - Agios Stefanos - Lagkada (East Coast)

A diverse paddling trip where, apart from the secret coves and islets we also see modern sites and facilities that are tightly connected to the economy of Chios, like a shipyard and a fish farm.



Sea Kayak Trailer Chios Island

Included: Guide, pic nic snack, dry-bag, water-proof smart phone case.
Small group from 6 to 14 persons

Local tour leaders, locally owned accommodation, and Masticulture, a locally owned and ran operator.

4 hours
40 euros per person

Map of Chios showing the launch locations for our Chios sea kayak tours

What they say about us
Your activity is a great way for urban travellers to learn more about the environment.
Stephanie and Alexander, Paris, France, July 2008