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Motorcycle travel in Chios, Greece

Chios is the fifth largest island in Greece after Crete, Evia, Rhodes and Lesvos. Its snake-like paths lead quickly and easily to unexplored beaches and hidden shores, while every village is yet another invitation to stop and get to know the hospitable locals.

Mastic fields, vineyards and olive groves, anciente terraces, forests, moonscape rocky landscapes and lacey coastlines all make up the stunning scenery along the routes leading to medieval watchtowers, castle-villages and monasteries. Whether you're on asphalt roads or agricultural dirt roads, alone or accompanied by one of our guides, it's worth dedicating some time to exploring the island by motorbike.

Chios is also an ideal island to enjoy on your way from Europe to Turkey and Asia or the way back. Year-round, almost daily, ferry boats that also carry vehicles travel from Piraeus port in Attica to Chios and from Chios to Cesme, just 90 kilometres from Izmir, Turkey.

Also on the island you can find a licensed mechanics store that caters to most motorbike makes, as well as a shop selling up-market riding gear.

Masticulture can help you book boat tickets and seats to Turkey or Piraeus, as well as finding an attendant to travel with you in case of particular needs. We can also provide you with information regarding the options for repairing or maintaining your motorbike on the island and provide the apparel for you and your fellow-traveller.

Finally, if you'd like to visit the island without bringing your own equipment along, we invite you to communicate with us so that we can rent out the motorbike and apparel you wish to use.

Excursion with motorbikes to the monasteries of Chios Greece. The road to Saint Markos Monastery, on the way to Avgonyma.
Off-road motorbike excursions. Dirt road in pine forest near the deserted medieval village of Anavatos.
Chios island features hundreds of kilometers of scenic dirt roads and safe asphalt roads.

1. Excursion with motorbikes to the monasteries of Chios. The road to Saint Markos Monastery. November 2007.

2,3. Off-road motorbike excursions. Dirt road in pine forest near the deserted medieval village of Anavatos. November 2007.

Southern Chios is the only place in the world where Mastic can be produced.

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Thank you for so much help arranging a wonderful stay here at Mesta and making my first few days in Greece so comfortable and relaxing.
Chloe Huan, USA, March 2009.