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About Chios Masticulture, the ecotourism travel agency specializing in ecotourism activities in Chios GreeceTravel services, ecoutourism, agritourism, hotel and traditional rooms accommodation, mastic tours, on the Aegean Island of Chios in Greece.About the island of Chios, the land of Chios natural mastic in the Aegean Sea, Greece.Ecotourism tours and activities on Chios Island GreeceContact the ecotourism travel bureau of Chios in the Mastic Village of Mesta Chios Greece.The medieval watchtower and beach of Trachili on the west coastline of Chios island.

Who we are addressing

Masticulture's services address people who are interested, aware and caring towards the environment and sustainable development.

Many such individuals are part of a new generation of sensitized and responsible travelers whose holidays are not limited to the "sea and sun" range. These can include:

  • Families: many villages on Chios are ideal destinations for families as there is limited - or completely forbidden (as in the case in Mesta) - car circulation. Also, outdoors activities offer city children a great opportunity to get a taste of life in the countryside, and to discover how basic resources and food products are made.
  • Couples: the romantic traditional rooms in the medieval settlements, the isolated, secret beaches, the colourful array of activities and the intoxicating smells of "myrovolos" Chios will enchant every couple.
  • Groups of friends: thanks to the wide-ranging and contrast-filled nature of Chios, there are enough places on the island to suit all your friends' tastes. However, Roula and Vassilis' friends are known to abandon their cars and follow the great pull toward Mesta's central square, where they sit from morning to night drinking Souma and local wine with the locals.
  • Individual travellers: the diversity in the island's environment and in activities, the flavours, the warm-hearted locals and other characteristics of the Chios' geography and culture incite the visitor to face the constant dilemma of: “should I hang out here a bit longer or continue my exploration?”.

Of course, Chios Island also attracts visitors who are not necessarily travellers, such as:

  • Associations: cultural, athletic, scientific and other clubs can significantly enrich their visit to Chios by coming in contact with people who share common interests on the island.
  • Academics: economists and professors interested or involved in regional development, or researchers and historians interested in Byzantine empire and Genovese Rule can organize conferences and meetings in Chios to discuss their research topics related to their fields of interest.
  • Schools: every sportive or educational excursion can be enriched in a variety of ways owing to Chios' many traditions.
  • Businesses: Chios provides an alternative proposal for company outings, product presentations and other business programmes.
  • Advertising or TV and film production companies: Greece, the Aegean Sea, medieval villages, folk art, the mastic phenomenon and tradition make up just a few of the many fascinating elements that the island holds and represents.