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About Chios Masticulture, the ecotourism travel agency specializing in ecotourism activities in Chios GreeceTravel services, ecoutourism, agritourism, hotel and traditional rooms accommodation, mastic tours, on the Aegean Island of Chios in Greece.About the island of Chios, the land of Chios natural mastic in the Aegean Sea, Greece.Ecotourism tours and activities on Chios Island GreeceContact the ecotourism travel bureau of Chios in the Mastic Village of Mesta Chios Greece.The medieval watchtower and beach of Trachili on the west coastline of Chios island.

About Chios Masticulture

Masticulture is a locally owned and operated small scale travel bureau in the mastic village of Mesta on Chios island in the Aegean Sea. It works under an official Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) licence as a general tourism office (travel agency). It is the first and only tourism company specialising in ecotourism on the island. It provides a broad variety of activities related to Chios island environment (natural and social) as well as the people, businesses and associations representing the local traditions and culture of Chios. Masticulture puts together ecotourism packages that combine hospitality and outdoor activities related to all the things that compose the culture of Chios: its customs and traditions, popular arts and crafts, agricultural labour and produce, architecture, and much more. All this takes place on an island that has remained broadly untouched by the tourism development of the last few decades. Chios has also managed to keep its rural societies present because of its active agricultural sector, which until today continues to be the chief source of employment for the many of villagers on the island, whilst also functioning as a prime factor in Chios ' sustainable development.

Masticulture belongs to, and operates with the help of Mesta's inhabitants, whilst also cooperating with locals throughout the island.

Services offered by Masticulture aim at combining everyday agricultural activities with local traditions and infrastructure. This way we create a new "product" bringing value not only to the local businesses but also to the local communities.

Photo: Local farmer with his donkey and mule near Olympoi village of Chios.

Farmer from Chios with his donkey and mule near Olympoi mastic  village of Chios Greece.

We have experienced Living Cultural Heritage today in a wonderful presentation by a competent guide. Good luck for the future for this important aspect of international understanding.
Peter, Finland, April 2009.

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