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About Chios Masticulture, the ecotourism travel agency specializing in ecotourism activities in Chios GreeceTravel services, ecoutourism, agritourism, hotel and traditional rooms accommodation, mastic tours, on the Aegean Island of Chios in Greece.About the island of Chios, the land of Chios natural mastic in the Aegean Sea, Greece.Ecotourism tours and activities on Chios Island GreeceContact the ecotourism travel bureau of Chios in the Mastic Village of Mesta Chios Greece.The medieval watchtower and beach of Trachili on the west coastline of Chios island.

Why come to Chios

Chios is one of the largest islands in the Aegean Sea. The island lays claim as the birthplace of Homer, but it is mostly famous for its unique mastic gum. The island's vibrant local culture, deeply rooted in traditions, rituals, and folklore, is very much alive to this day. For centuries under the rule of the Byzantine Empire and later a possession of the Republic of Genoa, the island boasts architectural reminders of its rich and varied history.

Chios today is a memorable travel destination for its warm and welcoming islanders. They deserve praise for keeping the villages and countryside alive, and they will welcome you with open arms and a glass of ouzo or souma, the local spirit.

If that weren't enough, our island also features:

Other sites and features of Chios island

  • Medieval walled mastic villages, stone mansions, and walled orange groves.
  • The renowned mosaics of Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Natural beauty of fertile plains, aromatic herbs and spices, stunning tulips and over 70 kinds of orchids.
  • Local products and traditional cuisine: mastic, olives, wine, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and seafood.
  • Secluded beaches and deep blue Aegean waters.
  • A Mediterranean climate--warm summers and mild winters.
  • Proximity and convenient connections to additional travel destinations, in Greece or Asia Minor.
Secluded Aegean beach on the Agios Stefanos island, near the port of Mesta Chios Greece.
Young farmers from Chios Greece in the mastic production: training and learning the traditional mastic techniques. (c) Massimo Pizzocaro.
A peasant and his donkey enter the gate of the medieval castle village of Mesta Chios Greece. (c) Massimo Pizzocaro.

1. Secluded beach on the Agios Stefanos island, North West of the port of Mesta Chios. August 2007.

2. Increasing demand for natural products has pushed young people from Chios in the mastic production. Older generation hands over to the younger one the traditional mastic techniques. (c) Massimo Pizzocaro.

3. During the medieval years, access to the mastic villages was only possible through guarded gates. A peasant enters the gate of Mesta, the best preserved medieval village of Chios. (c) Massimo Pizzocaro.

For the moment, Masticulture is the only local business focused on ecotourism in Chios. Thus we have a growing list of traditional locally owned accommodation options, counting hundreds of rooms in areas like the Mastic Villages, Volissos, Kampos, Kardamylla, Avgonyma and others.

Did you know that...

What they say about us
It was exactly how you predicted it would go. We came for 2 nights, maybe 3... and we stayed for 6 days! The great mastic tour in the last evening makes it really hard to leave now.
Tjitske, Amsterdam, Holland, July 2009.